The artists and craftswomen at Anindilyakwa Arts, Groote Eylandt are world-renowned for their master weaving and natural bush dye techniques. Their quintessential silk scarves are a mainstay of many a discerning wardrobe. Producing some of the most stunning Indigenous fashion, accessories and homewares on the market, Anindilyakwa Arts demonstrate time again their leadership and innovation.

In October 2018, Anindilyakwa Arts project officers Maice Lalara and Annabel Amagula, along with art director Aly de Groote travelled to Indonesia for professional and skills development. During this trip Lalara and Amagula participated in Shibori (tie dying) workshops, learning new techniques to incorporate into their already rich traditions of weaving, beading and textile design. Sharing their knowledge with fellow artists at Anindilyakwa Arts has seen a flourish of new, gorgeous necklaces and earrings which comprise much of the collection presented by Anindilyakwa Arts as part of Bush Bling.

Delicate and surprisingly weightless, these exquisite objects incorporate Yinumukwena shells and silks dyed with the intense, black Marringmurnumuna pigment.

Exploring the use of Marringmurnumuna - traditionally used to dye Pandanus for weaving - on other fibres and textiles such as silk, demonstrates the artists of Anindilyakwa Arts’ spirit of innovation.

The forms rendered in the Bush Bling collection are organic and oceanic, reminiscent of floating seaweed and the majestic arms of the octopus, speaking to the connection of the Anindilyakwa people to the land and sea.

This collection also includes stunning woven ghost net and natural fibre earrings alongside bead and shell earrings and necklaces. Shop the collection online with even more in store.

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Aboriginal Bush Traders is one of Darwin’s most unique attractions. Our Aboriginal art gallery and retail store exhibits a range of authentic Indigenous products, and is complimented by our bush food Café, which focuses on using native Australian products.

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