Bevan Tjampitjinpa

Area: Ti Tree (200km North of Alice Springs)

Language: Anmatjere

Clan: Ti Tree (Pmara Jutunta)

Dreaming: Ahgee (Bush Plum)

Bevan Tjampitjinpa was born in Darwin and grew up visiting his homeland. Bevan studied in Darwin before moving to Ti Tree which is his Grandmother, Grandfather and Mother’s country and later moved to live with his Elders on the Anmatjere Lands.

He lived permanently with his Elders for the next ten years being taught the traditional ways and being initiated into the ceremonies and laws of the desert region. Bevan speaks fluent Anmatjere and knows the traditional law and how to hunt for bush tucker and bush animals

Bevan uses the traditional symbols to reflect the men’s hunting forays that he has been involved in and the women’s hunting and gathering expeditions that he has joined them on, to tell a modern story of how his family group and clan currently live.

Bevan’s presentation of his artwork shows the world a beautiful and educational story of his culture, family group and the depth of spirituality of his people. Bevan’s focus is on hunting stories and shows the every day life of these traditional people and how they find and gather food for the family group. The main source of life for people in this harsh desert is the waterhole that he depicts in many of the artworks.

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