Stingray at Nudagun by Jessica Lloyd

Stingray at Nudagun by Jessica Lloyd

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  • Artist: Jessica Lloyd
  • Title: Stingray at Nudagun
  • Size: 43x33cm
  • Region: West Kimberley & Mullewa WA
  • Language Groups: Jabirr Jabirr, Yawuru, Yamatji & Noongar
  • Homeland: Nudagun

Jessica is a young artist, who grew up surrounded by a large family of artists.

Her nana (Faye Parriman nee Anderson/Ryder), a Yamatji and Noongar women from the desert and wildflower country in Western Australia, has painted her stories on canvas for many years. Her pop (Kevin Parriman/Dixon), a Jabirr Jabirr and Yawuru saltwater man from the West Kimberley is a carver specialising in hand crafted boomerangs using techniques taught to him by one of his grandfathers. Jessica’s mum, an award-winning artist, has had her work feature in group and solo exhibitions. Both her older sisters have had art feature in exhibitions with her eldest sister having a solo show “Nan's Everlasting Memories” in 2022.

Jessica has a deep connection to her homeland at Nudagun in her pop’s country, spending time learning the places and stories in her Jabirr Jabirr & Yawuru Country. She has grown up painting with her nan and learning stories of growing up in the wildflower and desert country. In 2010, her nan returned to country taking 2 cars, 2 daughters, and 6 grandchildren to experience the wildflowers on Yamatji country. Visiting the amazing wildflowers and beautiful country bought her nan’s stories to life and left a huge impression on Jessica and her art.

Jessica’s art blends her saltwater and desert art styles together to create unique pieces. Her more recent work has been focusing on her nan’s stories in the wildflower country.

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