Pandanus Earrings Agnes Nalunjdjuk Injalak Arts 7785-18

Pandanus Earrings Agnes Nalunjdjuk Injalak Arts 7785-18


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Pandanus and natural dyes. Sterling silver findings.

5 x 10 cm

Agnes Nalunjdjuk, also known as Agnes Wurrkidj and Agnes Manakgu, is the daughter of Minjaywi Lee and Edward Lee. Agnes has two sisters, Martha Mangiru and Norma Namundja and she calls Andrew Manakgu, darddah (brother). Agnes is extremely inventive with her jewellery design and her work is always executed to the highest standard. Using pandanus and natural dyes, Agnes explores the materials potential and capability, forever creating unique and inspiring designs. Her mother country is Mangardubu karradwarrekenh.

Injalak Arts is a non-profit Aboriginal-owned social enterprise located in Gunbalanya, West Arnhem Land. Injalak Arts is an outstanding example of a community organisation that is 100% Aboriginal owned and delivers positive social, economic and cultural outcomes for its members.

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