Dunjiba Design - Bushflower Earring  by Kay Finn

Dunjiba Design - Bushflower Earring by Kay Finn

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Jewellery designed by Kay Finn, Ku Arts

Launched in 2018, the Dunjiba Design jewellery project presents local culture through contemporary art and design, providing employment, skills and income to local artists.

Dunjiba artists drew inspiration from living in Dunjiba community to design and developed a range of products. The new jewellery range is part of Dunjiba Design, a social enterprise of the Dunjiba Community Council, supported by Ku Arts.

(photos courtesy Ku Arts, images used with permission)

Kay Finn
My mother comes from Watarru in APY Lands. We been staying here in Dunjiba for a long 􀆟me, we came here with the camel
mob. My mother and father come from Pipalyatjara.
I see the people pain􀆟ng and think hey I must learn. I learned for myself. No one taught me. Seven Sisters, Minyma Tjutja, ladies
hun􀆟ng for bushtucker. I paint in pulkapa (happy) colours. I like to paint my tjurkurpa, my dreaming passed down from my
mother and father.
We go out hun􀆟ng for bush tucker, round here in Dunjiba. Maku Tree, witche􀆩y grub. When I make art it is about my trips out on
country to collect bushtucker.