Wadeye Men's Shed

The Wadeye Men's Shed is supported by Thamarrurr Development Corporation and provides a safe place to engage men in art, craft and other cultural activities. Purchasing this product puts money back into the hands of the artists and helps support the longevity of this important program.

Thamarrurr Development Corporation Ltd is a not-for-profit corporate entity owned by members of the Wangka, Lirrga and Tjanpa peoples. It has been established by the 20 clans of the Thamarrurr Region, to represent them in relation to business, socio-economic development, employment and training.  

Aboriginal Bush Traders: Aboriginal Art gallery, retail store and café

Aboriginal Bush Traders is one of Darwin’s most unique attractions. Our Aboriginal art gallery and retail store exhibits a range of authentic Indigenous products, and is complimented by our bush food Café, which focuses on using native Australian products.