A3 "Mother Earth" Painting - Dale Austin 3

A3 "Mother Earth" Painting - Dale Austin 3

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Born in 1976, Dale Austin is an artist in painting and carving. He was born in the Australian Capital Territory in 1976. His father was a survivor of the stolen generations and the continuation of handing down culture was broken.

  • Clan: Ngombur
  • Region: South Alligator
  • Skin: Kodjok
  • Moiety: Dhuwa

Dale has spent many years of his life retracing those steps and learning the stories of his ancestors to be able to share this knowledge with the future generations.

In recent years Dale has taken his art practice to the area of children’s services. He has worked with young people who come into contact with the Northern Territory’s children’s welfare services, inspiring them to reconnect with their ancestry and feel confident in their identity. 

Warramurrungundji & her husband Wurragag came from the sea, Wangarran(Malay Bay)carrying kunbarlkbu (digging stick) & Djerrh (dilly bags) full of food.
Her stomach was full of children.
She dug wells & planted Anbourndeh(Banyan Trees).

They walked to a place called Murganella then up to Mangulwan.
From Mangulwan to Garirargan Marriarwu, the place where a large Paper Bark Tree grows & Iwark the Palm Tree. She left children there to speak Iwaidja & planted Kardabarr(Long Yams) for the children to eat.

Wurragag became to weary to travel on so he stayed there & sat down, turning into a Djang(sacred spot) marked by a rock. Warramurrungundji went on to Mamul on Coopers Creek, leaving children there to speak Amarduk, she planted Anguladj(Water Chestnut) & Marlge Marlge (Wild Rice).
She created the flood plains for all the animals & birds to live on. She put Bumurru(Magpie Geese) for the children to eat, this is Gosling Djang. She went to a place called Gindjala to look for a place to camp. She sat in the water & was attacked by Baladj(Leeches) so she got out. This is where she stopped & became Djang.
She gave all the people of the Alligator Region their language Ngarduk, Gagadju, Erre, Urningangk, Gunbudj, Bugurniidja, Ngombur, Umbugarla, Narwinjmil & Jawoyn. Gunawidji she sent to Maningrida.
This Story was told by Bill Neidjie- Bunitj Clan Nelson Murlurinj- Kamulkban Clan
Extract from Warradjan Cultural Centre

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