Balmawuy by Clinton Gaykamangu

Balmawuy by Clinton Gaykamangu

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  • Artist: Clinton Gaykamangu
  • Title: Balmawuy
  • Moiety: Yirritja
  • Clan: Ganalbingu
  • Region: Milingimbi, Central Arnhem Land, NT
  • Language: Yolngu Matha
  • Size: 41cm x 48cm
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
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This is the totem for my father's grandmother clan. This painting belong to Balmawuy of Dipirri Homeland. No-one lives there anymore and we have a responsibility to maintain the culture for the area.

The 2 x longneck turtles call Minhala are actually dancing toward each other.

The long-necked turtle is the main clan totem. 

The snake is the yellow belly python. 

The zigzag lines is movement of the water that comes from the top of the hills down to the flood plain. During the time of year that the pythons leave the water and go on land the water in the billabong is all ways moving and making zigzag patterns on the water. 

On the sides of the painting are the water lilies that grow where the turtle and python is from.