Brolgas at Nudagun by Natasha Lloyd #014

Brolgas at Nudagun by Natasha Lloyd #014

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  • Artist: Natasha Parriman Lloyd
  • Title: Brolgas at Nudagun
  • Region: West Kimberley
  • Homeland: Nudagun
  • Language Groups: Jabirr Jabirr, Yawuru & Yamatji
  • Size: 50cm x 35cm
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Brolgas at Nudagun

This paint shows the brolgas during the Wirralburu time. Wirralburu is a short season at the start of the dry season when the dragonflies are visible, the lizards and goannas are fat, and the nights are becoming cooler.

Later in the year large numbers of brolga gather on the mud flats near Nudagun to perform their mating dance. 

The brolgas in this painting have the three circles representing the three Nudagun springs shown on their body. Nudagun (place of fire) is group of three springs on Jabirr Jabirr country and is our families homeland where we maintain a responsibility for story and country. There are two larger springs that are surrounded by a mud flat and get completely surrounded by water during spring tides. The smaller spring is hidden in the bush land and is near the living area.