Selina Orange Adjustable Fitted Necklace - Sd031 Large

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Pikikyi is a large and important waterhole and natural spring near Mount Doreen station. This dreaming belongs to the men and women of Japanangka/ Napanangka and Japangardi/Napangardi skin groups. It tells of the home of 2 rainbow serpents, ancestral heroes, who lived together as husband and wife. The woman was of the Napanangka skin group, the man was a Japangardi. It was a taboo relationship, contrary to Warlpiri religion law. Women of those subsections sat by the 2 serpents, picking lice of them. For this service, they were allowed to take water from the springs at Pikikyi, because the serpents were the "kirda" (ceremonial owners) for that country. The spirits of the rainbow serpents are still at Pikikyi today.

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