My Country Atnangkerre By Jacinta Numina No 115

My Country Atnangkerre By Jacinta Numina No 115

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  • Artist: Jacinta Numina
  • Title: My Country Atnangkerre
  • Size: 38cm x 53cm
  • Medium: Acrylics on Canvas 
  • Region: Utopia, Central Desert
  • Outstation: Atnangkere
  • Language Block: Arandic
  • Language: Anmatyerre, Kayte, Alyawarra, English
  • #115

Three stories, three songlines and one country Atnangkerre. 

Bush Medicine Leaves, Body Painting and Bush Yam Seeding. 

    Jacinta Numina was born at Sterling Station, Central Australia, in 1965 and is niece to the world acclaimed Petyarre sisters from Utopia. In the early eighties she started painting with a group of lady elders from the Utopia region. The central theme of her artwork relates to her knowledge of the Anmatyerre (women’s) Law and her country.

    In 1966, Jacinta moved to Darwin to formally study at Charles Darwin University and completed her Associate Degree in Art and Design in 2003. The next year saw Jacinta complete her traineeships in printmaking and was then appointed as a fulltime printmaker at Northern Editions, she completed works with the NT Government. Jacinta mainly paints on canvas, but she has also painted artifacts such as shields, coolamons and didgeridoos.