Karr (Spider) Dreaming story by Gladys Womati Malibirr

Karr (Spider) Dreaming story by Gladys Womati Malibirr

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  • Title: Karr (Spider) Dreaming
  • Artist: Gladys Womati Malibirr
  • Skin Name: Barngadjan
  • Clan: Ganalbingu
  • Moeity: Yirritja
  • Region: Ramingining Community
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 91 x 69cm

Karr (Spider)

This painting is an outside painting – anyone can know about it

The diagonal bands running between the corners and the centre of the painting depict the different winds, north east south west.

The vertical and horizontal bands with the dots that look like flowers represent the Warrnyu (flying fox) droppings

The spiders make their webs between the waterholes and the webs are the same as the winds north south east west.

All these totems are connected in the dreaming

Gladys Womati Malibirr is described as a ‘powerful women’ and is much sort after in the community with certificates in business, community development and health. Gladys is credited for her work as an interpreter for the Ten Canoes movie and continues to work with Arafura Swamp Rangers.

The daughter of George Milpurrurru, Gladys Womati Malibirr is a recognised painter and weaver with her work exhibited both nationally and internationally.