Turtle (Miyapunu) Barramundi (Ratjuk) & Dugong (Djunuŋguyaŋu) by Lisa Mununggurr

Turtle (Miyapunu) Barramundi (Ratjuk) & Dugong (Djunuŋguyaŋu) by Lisa Mununggurr

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  • Title: Turtle (Miyapunu) Barramundi (Ratjuk) & Dugong (Djunuŋguyaŋu)
  • Artist: Lisa Mununggurr
  • Region: Elcho Island - North East Arnhem Land 
  • Size: 50x76cm
  • Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Turtle is a rich meat. We get turtle when time for winter. Also Yolnu people sing and dance represents turtle. Also women's cries songline about turtle journey. lso Yolnu people use name of a turtle. 

Barramundi is found in salt and freshwater. It is a good meat. Barramundi is sacred in Yolnu people system. We love barramundi. 

Dugong is a fish, but we eat. We found dugong in oceans. Sometime we use dugong as oil. It lives in the oceans of corals. Yolnu people sing song about dugong.