Untitled (Blue Sprial), Lino Print - Bernadette T / Tucker. My Country. My Culture

Untitled (Blue Sprial), Lino Print - Bernadette T / Tucker. My Country. My Culture

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Artist statement:

'I like colour and I like to have fun."

Tucker. My Country. My Culture.

This exhibition brings together work from over twenty artists from the Nauiyu Daly River community. The participants received tuition over a three week period in lino block techniques, working across various surfaces including textiles and paper. At the base of all the work is the simple lino block square that is carved out and then printed onto a surface.

The workshops were led by Kieren Karritpul a leading young Daly River artist and Patsy Payne a well- known print maker and teacher from New South Wales. Both these artists have national reputations.

Guided by the title of the workshops Tucker. My Country. My Culture the participants were encouraged to work individually within their own interests and skill base.

The resulting exhibition of works on paper and various textile items including bags and t towels, is a vibrant array of colour and design, all displaying the strong compositional features that is typical of artists from the Daly River area. Each artist has worked within the brief and techniques and then successfully experimented in applying their own individual ideas including over printing, mixing up the colour wheel and painting back onto the works.

This exhibition highlights a simple technique that has resulted in well designed, sophisticated individual artistic work

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