Uti Kulintjaku: Colouring Towards Clear Thinking Book

Uti Kulintjaku: Colouring Towards Clear Thinking Book

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This colouring book features original artwork from senior women of the Uti Kulintjaku project. Drawing on the ancient healing culture of Indigenous people in Central Australia, this book’s unique designs will help you move towards clear thinking.

FROM: NPY Women's Council in Alice Springs

Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (NPY) Women’s Council (Aboriginal Corporation) is an organisation driven by women’s law and authority, guided by culture, the collective agency of women, and driven for all Anangu to have a good life.

Our region has a long and proud history of Anangu (Aboriginal) activism and action. Some of the first Anangu organisations in Australia were formed in our region, many with the aim of providing a stronger voice for community members.  NPY Women’s Council has built on this legacy providing a response to the limited voice and representation of Anangu women.  From the very beginning, we have been speaking with, for, and through the voices of women. It defines our world-view; it is what sets us apart.

It is within this core principle that we have grown and evolved, providing important and valued services that support Anangu across the NPY region. We are now one of the most recognised and influential Anangu-led organisations in the region and beyond. We take on innovative reform solutions to solve systemic problems. We are advocates, capacity builders, service providers, and highly regarded. We find a way forward in our complex environment, and strive to provide a better life for all Anangu in our region, especially women and children.