Collecting Bush Tomatoes By Reggie Sultan

Collecting Bush Tomatoes By Reggie Sultan

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  • Title: Collecting Bush Tomatoes
  • Artist: Reggie Sultan
  • Region: Barrow Creek, NT
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Size: 67x87cm

Reggie Sultan Apengarte a Kaytja Aboriginal artist from Barrow Creek, 280km north of Alice Springs . He was born in 1955, and now resides in Darwin. Reggie’s expertise includes:

  • Exhibiting artist
  • Art by commission
  • Cultural image design

Publishing history

Reggie is well respected painter who has dabbled in print making over the years. He has exhibited nationally and has a published biography called ‘An Uncontrollable Child’. Reggie has also written and illustrated the published children's book ‘The Seven Sisters’.

History as artist

Reggie has been a professional artist since 1985. He began painting as a young boy while attending the Alice Springs Convent School. His greatest artistic influences came from watching older artists painting in the Todd River and Chinaman’s Creek. Before 1985, Reggie worked on the land as a station hand and fencer. He began with landscape painting in a “Namatjira”
style,depicting scenes from around his home town, and sold his first painting at the mission block store. Then experimenting with traditional dot painting style, he began telling his own personal stories of life in his mother’s country in Central Australia, around Barrow Creek and Neutral Junction Station.

Unique style

More recently, Reggie has developed his own ‘action painting’ style to tell stories of Country. This individual speckled colour background effect is achieved by using leaves. A wide range of colours are used – particularly the reds and yellows on black background, referring the flames of bushfires or the ochres of the earth. Some of the larger more elaborate paintings can take months to come to full completion.


The past few years has seen Reggie’s work earning rapidly increased recognition and exposure. Since Reggie’s move to Darwin he has participated in national Aboriginal art awards several times. Works have been bought by locals, tourists, galleries, roadhouses and art collectors from interstate and overseas.

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