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Artist Profiles

Jacinta Numina

Jacinta Numina was born at Stirling Station, Central Australia in 1965 and is the niece of the w Petyarre sisters from Utopia. In the early eighties, she started painting with a group of lady elders from the Utopia region. The central theme of her artwork relates to her knowledge of the Anmatyerre (Women`s) Law and her country. In 1996, Jacinta moved to Darwin to formally study art at Charles Darwin University and completed her Associate Degree in Art and Design in 2003. The next year saw Jacinta complete her traineeship in printmaking and was then appointed as a f printmaker at Northern Editions, she currently works with the NT Government. Jacinta mainly paints on canvas, but she has also painted artifacts such as shields, coolamons and didgeridoos.


Clinton Gaykamangu

    Ancestral Dog ‘Watu’ and Bark Canoe

    • Moiety: Yirritja
    • Clan: Ganalbingu
    • Region: Milingimbi, Central Arnhem Land, NT
    • Language: Yolngu Matha

    Djurandjura (Ancestral Watu) came in from East Howard Island near Elcho Island, when he smelled a rotten washed away whale and wanted to feast with other clan dogs ‘Warramirr’.  To come across he made a bark canoe.  After the big feast, the Watu wanted to return back to East Howard Island, but the ocean was rough and the canoe sank.  He then became a rock formation.  This story is from my father's side.


    Phillip 'Philly' Kemarre

    Philly is a proud Arrente artist and storyteller based in Garramilla (Darwin). His work expresses the pride and vibe of his people and Country' Urlpmerre Country.  Representation of his people and Country are the key influences behind his work and who he is as an artist and person.  The Dreamings that he paid have been passed down and taught to him by his Pop, John Cavanagh Kemarre.  Pop John is a senior Eastern Arrernte Elder and he has given Philly permission to paint certain Dreamings, such as Rainmaker Dreaming.  There are many levels and sacred meanings in Philly's work related to these Dreamings. 


    Julie Blawgur

    Julie is an independent artist who paints from her home in Jabiru.  Julie is the daughter of Billy Miragu who is known for his rock art at the site of 'Two Leg Rock'.  An outlier situated in the Koongarra area, close to Nourlangie in Kakadu National Park.  It was at this site that J parents used to camp during the dry season.  'Our Dad's painting is hiding, in secret place'.  (Rock Art Research 2021 - Volume 38, Number 1, pp. 56-59. J Goldhahn et al).