Kulbanyi Tea Seven Emu Station Small

Kulbanyi Tea Seven Emu Station Small

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Kulbanyi Tea, Seven Emu Station, 5g

KULBANYI LOOSE LEAF TEA has for thousands of years been used by Australia's Garrwa-Yanyuwa aboriginals for flu and aches. The good news is it also tastes great. Wild harvested from Seven Emu station, Kulbanyi tea is hand picked straight from the bush and dried under natural conditions at the homestead. It doesn't get any more sustainable than that! 

The Garrwa-Yanyuwa people understand there is a right time to pick the leaves for optimum tea strength. Be assured we wait for this perfect time of the year to pick our Kulbanyi tea to ensure the best tasting cuppa.

Kulbanyi can be served as a nice hot cup of tea or as a refreshing iced tea. See our recipes below for how we make our KULBANYI TEA's. 

We also use the leaves as a flavouring to marinate meats, fish and vegetables. 

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