Davidson Plum Sample Pot

Davidson Plum Sample Pot

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Experience the richness of Davidson Plum Jam Sample - 40g,

A versatile delight ready to transform your culinary experience!

Not your ordinary jam, this Davidson Plum creation isn't just for spreading conventionally—it's a flavorful addition to elevate your snack game! Perfectly paired with crackers and cheese, this jam also boasts the ability to enhance the taste of meats with its tantalizing sweetness.

Crafted from 100% Australian Ingredients, this jam encapsulates the essence of Davidson Plum, subtly mingled with Sugar, Vanilla Extract, Orange Juice, and Water.

Rest assured, it's Gluten-Free and contains no added Flavours, Colours, or Preservatives. Delight in the pure, unadulterated taste of quality ingredients harmonizing into this delectable jam!

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