Aboriginal Bush Traders (ABT) has installed a dazzling display of vibrant glowing green ants on the Seaview lawns of their home, the historic Lyons Cottage on the Darwin Esplanade.

Excited by the launch of Bruce Munro’s Tropical light exhibition, ABT reached out to Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation’s talented Holtze Team to commission a large green ant that could glow at night. What they produced far outweighed all expectations, delivering a family of giant green ants that light up from abdomen to antennae. A spectacular installation that shines into the night and tells the ABT story, embedded in the ABT logo.

The Holtze Team are a Community Development Program supported and run by Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation, developing skills with a particular focus on construction, fabrication and manufacturing. Team members Daleighla Brock and Ben Worthington are the artists behind these luminescent sculptures. Both are proficient with metal working techniques and poured weeks of labour into realising the project.

These iridescent light sculptures have been garnering quite a lot of attention from passers-by, particularly given the enthusiasm of the Tropical Light trail weaving its way through the Darwin CBD. They will be lit up from 6:30pm to 6:30am daily so be sure to swing by and bask in the glow.

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Daleighla Brock


Ben Worthington



The three green ants: Aboriginal People and Aboriginal Bush Traders with Industry/Government,are working together towards creating a secure and sustainable economic future (the nest) forAboriginal People.

The logo features the rarrk (cross hatch) which is typically found in Top End cultural arts, signifying our regionalinterest. You can’t build a strong nest without working together. So, our focus is on creating strong partnerships with all stakeholders to ensure objectives are met.