Bush Medijina Clay And Ochre Scrub
Bush Medijina Clay And Ochre Scrub

Bush Medijina Clay And Ochre Scrub

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Cleanse yourself of the stresses of the day with our Mamaburra Clay and Ochre Scrub.

Using an oatmeal soap base, this exfoliating body scrub is uniquely crafted from a combination of Australian kaolin clay, refreshing organic peppermint oil, authentic Groote Eylandt ochre and extract of Mamaburra (Wild Peach), which is known for its calming properties.


Yearning for the outdoors? Our Merrika Clay and Ochre Scrub is for you. We’ve combined coastal botanicals and nourishing clay to enrich the incredible body scrub benefits in our unique formula.

The hero of this revitalising scrub is the Merrika (Broad Leaved Wattle), whose leaves are gathered from trees on Groote Eylandt. Combined with mineral-rich kaolin clay and an oatmeal soap base, the crushed seeds, bark and flowers of the Merrika are also added to optimise the exfoliating properties. Allow the nostalgic scent of eucalyptus to help your drift away to relaxation.