Desert Raisin Ground Bush Tomato 50g By Kungkas Can Cook

Desert Raisin Ground Bush Tomato 50g By Kungkas Can Cook

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Savoury caramelised aroma of carob; some cereal notes…a savoury taste

Our desert raisin (also known as the bush tomato) is wild harvested in the Central Desert by indigenous women. Our vision is to improve the lives of women and their families by supporting cultural activities and income generation and enriching knowledge to the younger generations and keeping country strong.

The desert raisin is probably the most important of all the Central Australian plant foods. It is a good source of selenium, potassium and iron.

Nutritional Information (per 100grams)

Energy 998 Kj, Protein 10.3g, Total fat 6g, Total saturated fatty acids 1.5 g Carbohydrates 29.2g, Sugar (total) 29g

Health Benefits

Contains more antioxidants than blueberries and selenium, a rare mineral which plays a key role in the metabolism. A rich source of minerals, particularly potassium, it is also high in vitamin C.


Bush tomato is usually used in its dried form. It has a distinctive raisin / caramel introduction with a strong spicy aftertaste, making it ideal for chutneys, curries, salsas and as a crust on Meats. The trick with it is not too use too much. Add a teaspoonful to any tomato based sauce.

Ground, it can be found in bread mixes, herb blends, pasta, relishes, dressings, sauces and dukkah.

A major strength of the bush tomato is its unique and intense flavour, which retains its integrity in many applications and in relatively small ratios to total ingredient mass.