Black Headed Python Snake By Thomas Russel

Black Headed Python Snake By Thomas Russel

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  • Artist: Thomas Russell
  • Title: Black Headed Python Snake
  • Region: Adelaide River, NT
  • Medium: Acrylic on Board


Local territory artist, Robert (Thomas) Russell, started honing his skills as a painter and timber sculptor in his thirties. Thomas shares his culture as a proud Aboriginal man from the Adelaide River Region.

Often working with black wattle collected nearby, Thomas sculpts anything from traditional artifacts such as boomerangs to artistic birds. Thomas began practicing his craft to share the knowledge of his culture and pass down the traditions to emerging artists and members of the community.

Painting with a influence of both contemporary and traditional aboriginal techniques, Thomas favors native animals often with a cross hatch pattern, acknowledging the traditional ochre colours in his paint choices of black, white, red and yellow.